Visual Sexing African Greys

Most African parrots can be easily sexed after they have molted once. While it is not advisable to determine the sex visually for breeder pairs, identifying the sex of a pet for an owner (without DNA sexing or surgical sexing) will make owners happy. African grey parrots (Psittacus erithacus erithacus) are usually easy to sex. Males have a solid red tail on the underside (the secondary retrices), while those of the hen are tipped in silver. While examining proven pairs, this has proven to be accurate in over 95% of the pairs. Also, with male greys, the underside of the wings is very dark, while those of the hen are lighter grey. This only holds true for the nominate species, and not for the Timneh grey (P. e. timneh).



Close Ups:

Close Ups:

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