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Icarus Mobile Veterinary Service is a veterinary practice specializing in avian and exotic medicine and surgery, dedicated to avian medicine and stewardship.

Small World Zoological Gardens is dedicated to the captive conservation of marmosets and tamarins. It is a non-profit charitable organization under IRS 501C3 status, so all donations are tax deductible.

How You Can Help With Our Conservation Effort

There are many ways that you, a concerned animal-lover, can help us with our conservation effort here at Small World. Financial contributions are always appreciated, and you can be sure that 100% of your donation will go directly to providing for our animals. We have made it very convenient for you to make a cash donation by providing a PayPal account that can be utilized for ease of transfer.

We need to replace some cages; others need repairs to their roofs. A few years ago, we took out a substantial loan to purchase galvanized wire to make new monkey cages. Unfortunately, the wire was defective and several of the cages need to be completely replaced due to the wire rusting through. Rolls of wire and cages are very expensive and an obvious necessity. Wood and lumber are always needed, to construct cage frames, and to make perches and platforms for them to rest and play on.

We have an on-going need for clean, intact towels (little monkey hands and feet tend to get caught in frayed towels or ones with pulls in them). They sleep in 60 quart Igloo coolers, which we line with heating pads and fluffy towels for them to snuggle in during the cooler months. Electric heating pads are replaced every year prior to the start of our cold weather.

Clean stuffed animals of any size are always appreciated. Most of the monkeys love to sit on and hug stuffed animals, and some of them will actually play with smaller stuffies, too. Donations of stuffed animals of any size and shape are welcome.

We won't feed our animals any foods that we wouldn't consume, ourselves, so we always need fresh produce and fresh meats (I cook for our monkeys several times per week: hamburger meat, chicken, turkey, beef or pork). I also hard-boil eggs or scramble up eggs for addition to their food bowls weekly.

We add breakfast cereals to the food mix daily. As any of you who purchase breakfast cereal know, it is very expensive. Mini-marshmallows are relished as treats. We cook pasta daily for them. They also get animal crackers daily. Gummibears, gummiworms and other gummy treats are relished (in the wild they suck gums from the trees).

The Pretty Bird Company has custom-blended Small World a wonderful dry callitrichid pellet that they have so generously donated to us, which is used as the basis of our diet. We also add New World primate biscuits and canned marmoset diet daily.

The callitrichids that are housed indoors require full-spectrum lighting, so we always need fluorescent full-spectrum lights providing ultraviolet light (UVA and UVB). This is necessary for proper calcium metabolism and bone health. Along those lines, we give them TumsTM for calcium, as well as ViactivTM, which is a calcium/vitamin D/vitamin K supplement. Children's chewable vitamins are offered several times per week.

If any of you reading this has access to any of these items that might be available for donation, we would be thrilled to accept them. Any and all donated items are 100% tax-deductible.

Thank you for your interest in Small World. We appreciate your support.

Dr. M. Wissman
Bill Parsons

Monetary contributions can be made through Paypal by clicking on the button below or by mailing your check to:
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c/o Joryn Jenkins & Associates
3839 West Kennedy Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33609

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